Letter From Pastor Page

A Special Message for the Community

Dear Disciples of Antioch Baptist Church, 

Grace and Peace Be Unto You from God Our Father on High!  

As we lift up our theme for the next decade, let us ENGAGE in ways that we can see a change in our community of faith.  The theme for our church is ENGAGE and we will do this through evangelism, worship, stewardship and mission.  

We are excited to present to you our completed church directory where you will find the most current information of our church family and opportunities to ENGAGE in activities that will be held throughout the year.   This has been a work in progress and I am grateful to the Media Ministry for their persistence in getting the job done! Please use this directory as a resource for a wealth of information and activities that will occur this year and an opportunity for you to ENGAGE in service. We pray that you will find this document helpful in navigating your needs to know what is going to take place.  

This is an exciting year as we embark upon two decades of ministry to the people of North East Central Durham and the Durham community.  It has been challenging but yet fulfilling to support 

God's people through missions, ministry and outreach.  We are particularly proud to host the Yates Baptist Association Food Pantry where we have been able to respond directly to the needs of our community, the Interfaith Hospitality Network where families experience  a week of lodging right here at the church and our growing outreach to seniors where we promote longevity and fellowship.  These are a few among many services that we provide therefore we encourage you to ENGAGE with us as we continue to lift up the kingdom of God.  

I am proud to be the Pastor of Antioch Baptist Church and I won't let anything separate me from the love of Christ Jesus.  Let’s push through this decade and beyond to individually and collectively ENGAGE to host this powerful ministry!

Because of Calvary,

Michael D. Page

Senior Pastor