Get to Know Us

Founded in 1993, Antioch Baptist Church has grown into a hub of spiritual growth and community outreach. Our motto is Evangelize, Equip and Embrace

About Us

Founded in 1993, Antioch Baptist Church has grown into a hub of spiritual growth and community outreach. We are dedicated to unity, knowledge, and passion in Jesus Christ. At Antioch, we are stewards of His generosity, committed to mission and service throughout our diverse church and community.  

Join our spirit-filled worship services, Sunday School classes, New Disciples Class, and Wednesday evening Bible Study to grow in His grace with our devoted family.

Sunday Services:
9:00 A.M.    Sunday School Hour
10:00 A.M.   Worship Hour

Special Sunday Services:
8:00 A.M.    Service (Every Fifth Sunday Only)
8:00 A.M.    Early Morning Prayer Service (Every Fourth Sunday)

Wednesday Bible Study:
6:30 P.M.    Word for Christian Warfare  


Our Mission

Through continuous efforts and partnerships, we aim to bring the message and love of Jesus Christ to the community and our congregation at every stage of life. Our traditional worship services, combined with our innovative media outreach programs, give us the ability to respond directly to the varied needs of our community. 

Our Full History

In August 1993, God inspired the Reverend Dr. Harold J. Cobb, Sr. to visit the Holloway Street Baptist Church, which was preparing to relocate. The Pastor, Reverend Michael Berryman, and Dr. Cobb walked through the spacious and beautiful building discussing options for its purchase. Upon returning to the sanctuary, Dr. Cobb knelt in front of the pulpit and prayed for God’s will to be done.

Mrs. Faye Bassett and Reverend Bill Bagnal of the Yates Baptist Association met with Dr. Cobb, and a Board of Directors was formed consisting of the following persons:  Dr. Harold J. Cobb, Sr. and his wife Mrs. Armadia Cobb; Dr. Robert Powell and his wife, Mrs. Marjorie Powell; Miss Miriam Ricks, who also served as the first church secretary; Mr. Jerry Spence, Mr. Carl Wicker, Mrs. Faye Bassett, Reverend Bill Bagnal, and Mr. Madison Whitfield.

The Board was able to purchase the church with the help of the Yates Baptist Association, and on Sunday, December 12, 1993, The First United Antioch Baptist Church Christian Center held its first worship service, with Dr. Cobb as its Pastor. Dr. Cobb had been the Pastor of several churches for more than three decades with his previous pastorate at West Durham Baptist Church. From the beginning, First United Antioch began to see steady growth in disciples.

After prayerful consideration, Dr. Cobb decided to relinquish his pastoral leadership to Reverend Michael D. Page due to health concerns. Reverend Page was installed as the second Pastor of First United Antioch on April 29, 2001.  On August 6th of the same year, the Lord called Dr. Cobb from labor to reward.  We thank God for his visionary leadership and we seek to carry out his mission of work in the vineyard.

In the spring of 2003, the church membership unanimously approved changing the name of the church to Antioch Baptist Church with the educational building behind the sanctuary being named the Dr. Harold J. Cobb, Sr. Family Life Center.

Under the visionary leadership of Pastor Page, Antioch Baptist Church remains the hub of spiritual growth and community outreach.  In addition to spirit-filled worship services, God’s word is taught through our “Victorious Living” Sunday School classes, New Disciples Class and Wednesday evening “Word for Christian Warfare” Bible Study.   Antioch is also committed to the diversity of its congregation with exciting and innovative ministries to meet the needs of all of its disciples, no matter what stage of life.  Each ministry is committed to mission and outreach throughout the church and community.

Antioch also established a partnership with North Carolina Central University (NCCU) and opened a computer lab with state-of-the-art computers which are available to the church the Education Wing in honor of one of our founding members of the church, Miss Miriam G. Ricks.  Antioch is also the home to many community partners including Research Triangle Institute who offers counseling services at its office on the premises.   We are grateful to be able to provide space for the community-oriented programs, as Antioch Baptist Church grows in the grace of our Lord and in our service to the community.

In thanks and praise to the Lord, Antioch completed major renovations in 2014, including new columns and windows, repaving the parking lots, new heating and cooling systems in the Education wing, a completely renovated kitchen and fellowship hall, and new floor coverings.  While the renovation process took longer than we had anticipated, the Lord was with us and we were able to continue to have services during our renovations. We are grateful to Abundant Hope Christian Church, Duke Chapel and First Calvary Baptist Church for their love and support during our renovations.  We will never forget your kindness to us.